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Accelerate - December 2015

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In the latest edition of Accelerate we focus on the power of connecting and its link to business success.

Start me up - angel investor

Start me up!

Want to know how to connect to an angel investor? Suse Reynolds gives some heavenly advice.

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Successfully connecting offshore

Tips to connect offshore

Exporting is a journey. It can help your business grow and prosper. We asked NZTE to share some tips on how to do right.

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Al Monro

Lessons from the ICT coalface

ICT start-ups have a lot of challenges and to take your technology to the market requires some smarts that you won't find in a textbook. Luckily we have Al Monro to spill the beans.

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Connecting to success

Connecting for success

Dr Mary Quin shares the four things that businesses can focus on to build strong business connections and strategic partnerships.

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Navigate when you collaborate

How to navigate collaboration

Collaborations are necessary for business success but they can be tricky things. How do you keep everything on track?

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Private Flight

Integrating innovation

Private Flight’s staff are all flying in the innovation zone, CEO Richard Pryor sheds light on their processes.

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Telematics - Power of one

The power of one

What happens when a group of companies collaborate as an industry body to find solutions for their shared challenges? Good things happen.

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Eye on the Prize

Launched in April this year, the C-Prize aimed to connect the New Zealand Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) industry to our innovative film industry.

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