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Accelerate - April 2016

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In this issue, we investigate how to build and maintain a culture of innovation.

We look at how Callaghan Innovation and Plant and Food Research are bringing together Māori food and beverage businesses to infect them with the innovation bug, how a Kiwi pharmaceutical company is retaining its start-up essence while growing, and why some Wellington game developers are choosing to stay small in an effort to become huge.

We also get a peek inside the culture of one of New Zealand’s recent innovation success stories, Xero, and reveal how they keep their staff engaged and on-task by…pretty much being bonkers.

Finally, we bring you an overseas perspective on innovation culture from (where else) Silicon Valley.

Hartley Atkinson

Growing big, staying nimble

AFT Pharmaceuticals has gone from the garage to the NZX main board, but founder Hartley Atkinson says the company retains the essence of a nimble start-up.

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Nuku ki te Puku

Callaghan Innovation’s Nuku ki te Puku programme is turning 'food for thought' into 'food for tech'.

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The level playing field

When it comes to game development, is being small the secret to making it big? Some industry players discuss where the culture of innovation resides in game dev.

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Julie Reddish

From Xero to hero

Give people the space to express their own culture, and they will call themselves Cheese Weasels and thrive, says Xero’s Julie Reddish.

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New York - Grand Central Station

Creating innovation cultures

Americans are innovative almost by nature, and that's a big problem for their corporate culture, says Stanford University scholar and PARC senior vice president Mike Steep.

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Upcoming events in April, May and June

Upcoming events

Upcoming events in April, May and June.

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Updated:28 October 2016

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