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Accelerate - September 2014

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The September 2014 edition of Accelerate ezine.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - Revolutions

Disrupting revolutions

Dr Mary Quin shares her thoughts about the impact that converging technologies is having on the world around us.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - Robotics Partnership

NZ-Japan robotics partnership

New Zealand’s robotics industry is collaborating more and this is paying off with international projects.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - Sensing Future

Sensing the future

Andrew Dawson shares insights into the use of sensors and the opportunities that this presents to different sectors in New Zealand.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - Drone

What is a drone?

We look at what a drone is, why they matter to New Zealand and how kiwi companies are already benefitting from this technology.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - Auckland University

A global high-five

After global recognition for the outstanding results that The University of Auckland and UniServices achieve, we asked Geoff Whitcher and Andy Shenk to share their insights into the future of NZ innovation.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - 100 top tech companies

TIN 100 top tech companies

The ten fastest growing New Zealand tewell as the new ones to watch.

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Accelerate Sep 14 - Tony Seba

The future drives itself

Tony Seba explains why he believes self-driving cars will disrupt several industries in the next ten years and how businesses will have to adapt their strategies to remain competitive.

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Top 10 tech breakthroughs

Top 10 tech breakthroughs

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) named the 10 technological milestones that they believe will change the way we interact and provide the solutions to future challenges.

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