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Accelerate - October 2016

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Our customers have had a great year, so (as it says on the cover) they've given us some great stories to tell.

This edition of Accelerate is a compilation of some of our customers' best stories from Callaghan Innovation's 2015/16 Annual Report.

If you want to read our entire report, download it here: PDF iconCallaghan Innovation Annual Report 2016


Methven celebrates 130 years of innovation in 2016 and has recently set out plans to grow the business to $130 million revenue by June 2018. More...


In April 2016, on a mission to promote their world-leading position, 23 New Zealand agritech businesses travelled to California on a week-long, Callaghan Innovation-led venture. More...

Matariki X

As the seven stars of the Pleiades rose in the sky during Matariki 2016, fourteen stars of Māori innovation and business descended on Rotorua for Matariki X, a one-day Māori Inspire event. More...

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In April 2015, having spotted an opportunity to further boost NZ's position as a leading developer of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) technology, Callaghan Innovation launched its first C-Prize competition. More...


Updated: 14 March 2017