Accelerate - March 2015

The bird's eye view

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In this digital age where we are all connected and a new technology can have a massive take up in a very short space of time, businesses need all the tech and business-savvy they can get to have an edge in the market, and more importantly, to keep that competitive edge.

Mary Quin

It may seem overwhelming for a small business owner to find out what the latest technology advances in their sector are, who to contact, where to find credible research partners and business advice on how to create long-term, sustainable value for their clients.

This is where Callaghan Innovation can be an essential innovation partner to businesses in New Zealand, especially businesses who want to disrupt the status quo by grabbing market share from competitors or even creating new markets.

We understand the R&D pressures that businesses face in order to stay ahead of the pack. While nobody will understand a business and its unique challenges better than its owners, we can offer businesses something that nobody else in New Zealand can – a bird’s eye view of the innovation system in New Zealand and a single door access to business and science expertise, advice and funding that can transform your idea to a product ready to take to the world.

Over the past two years it has become clear that we can help businesses to innovate by focusing on the following six services:

  • Product and technology planning - we help you plan future products and identify the technology you will need
  • Product development - we deliver product development R&D, at our place or yours
  • Business collaborations - we include you in collaborative innovation projects and technology seeking missions overseas
  • Access to experts - we help you find the right expertise
  • Innovation skills - we help you build your in-house innovation skills and capacity
  • Grants - we help to lower the risk and cost of your R&D programme with funding through grants.

An example of a hugely successful local business that stays ahead of the pack and have benefitted from using several of these services is Manuka Health New Zealand Ltd. Manuka Health produces a range of health products and dietary supplements using natural New Zealand ingredients such as manuka honey and propolis. They distribute to over 45 countries and recently opened a new $10m honey processing facility and laboratory and their new health-boosting CycloPower TM products are ready for international commercialisation.

Manuka Health has benefitted from long-term collaboration with us through the secondment of one of our senior scientists who leads the process development for the new CycloPower TM range of products and research projects. They have also been the recipients of R&D grants, have access to the FoodBowl to produce CycloPower products at a commercial scale and several of their managers have upped their innovations skills by attending Better by Lean courses through Callaghan Innovation.

We know that by offering these services while maintaining our 360 degree view of the innovation system in New Zealand, many kiwi companies and entrepreneurs will have access to the tools they need to achieve their vision of international success. We look forward to celebrating more of their success stories in future!

Dr Mary Quin, CEO

Updated: 4 September 2015