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Accelerate - March 2015

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The latest edition of Accelerate contains insights into how to get (and keep) a competitive edge, and features our new benchmarking innovation tool IMProve.

We also look at three tech trends, the importance of R&D to the Māori economy, some new funding frontiers and a stretchy innovation success.

Accelerate - Birds Eye View

The bird's eye view

In this digital age where we are all connected and new technology can have a massive take up in a short space of time, businesses need all the tech and business-savvy they can get to have an edge in the market.

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Accelerate Mar 15 - Improve Benchmarking

Benchmarking innovation

While other business benchmarking tools have been available to companies through the private sector, nothing has existed in the innovation space – until now.

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Hemi Rolleston

Investment for Māori business

The Māori economy and innovation performance is similar to that of mainstream New Zealand businesses – but its differences are worth noting for the country's future.

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Accelerate Mar 15 - Tech Trends

Three tech trends

Dr Dean Peterson, Callaghan Innovation’s group manager national technology networks, explains which three areas of technology are the ones to watch this year, and why.

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Accelerate Mar 15 - Funding Frontiers

New funding frontiers

Considered a brave step by some, crowdfunding has provided the equity boost needed to take a New Zealand aerial robotics company on to the world stage.

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Accelerate Mar 15 - Measure of Man

Getting the measure of a man

The idea of making a wireless, stretchable sensor to accurately measure human body motion isn't new – it’s just that no one had ever actually made one.

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