Accelerate - June 2013

Shining the light on innovation

Welcome to Accelerate – New Zealand’s first e-zine dedicated to business innovation.

We’re not short of ideas in New Zealand, but our challenge is to turn those ideas into new products and services more quickly.

The path from idea to innovation is investment in science, engineering, technology and design. For many businesses it’s a new and daunting route, but it’s also exciting and full of opportunity. And when it comes to sustainable growth, there is no back road.

Fortunately there is much we can learn from other entrepreneurial New Zealand businesses, and from our international counterparts, and that’s where Accelerate shines the light.

Every two months, we’ll bring you innovation information and inspiration from New Zealand and around the world: case studies and success stories, trends and challenges, thinkers and mentors, funding advice and events.

Reading this issue, it became clear that in this digital age, size and distance are not hurdles any more. You can disrupt an industry with only two people from a small island in the Pacific, as is the case with New Zealand software company Xero on page 9. It is also obvious that collaboration is a key ingredient in all the success stories that we feature in this edition.

I hope you’ll find our first issue of Accelerate as inspiring as I did – and that it helps to inform and accelerate your own innovation journey. Please let us know what you think of our first issue and what you’d like to see more of in future editions. You can email us any time at

19 June 2013
Dr Mary Quin

Chief Executive
Callaghan Innovation

Updated: 4 September 2015