Accelerate - June 2013

Innovative ways to dye

A revolutionary textile dyeing process technology, developed by AgResearch, has been licensed to American company Global Merino.

The technology enables wool to be dyed two colours at the same time, and graphics and images to be dyed into the fabric. There is no loss of the quality feel of the fabric and the images won’t deteriorate over time.

AgResearch’s commercialisation partner, BGI Development, put a lot of effort into finding the best international partner for the technology. “Global Merino was the obvious choice as it works with all of the big brands in the active-wear market. It is also seen on the world stage as an innovator, and is a company that can make a real impact,” says Robyn George-Neich, Director at BGI.

Global Merino Director Jose Fernandez says that the company introduced buyers to the technology at recent American outdoor trade shows, where the response was overwhelmingly positive.

BGI is now looking for other sectors of the market where this new technology can be applied. The scientists at AgResearch are currently trialling applications on wool in its various forms.

Updated: 4 September 2015