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Accelerate - June 2013

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Callaghan Innovation’s new ezine, Accelerate is here!

In our first edition we look at the role and importance of disruptive innovation, the trends that shape successful innovation across the globe as well as R&D trends in New Zealand.

We also feature news on new government grants, commercialisation and collaboration success stories and business savvy insights from business leaders.

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Shining a light on innovation

Welcome to Accelerate – New Zealand’s first e-zine dedicated to business innovation.

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Coffee with Tim Prestero

International design guru and award-winning innovator Tim Prestero says design should make a difference to the world.

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Collaboration ups the ante

Scientists at the University of Liverpool and Callaghan Innovation in New Zealand have developed a new chemical approach to help harness the natural ability of complex sugars to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

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Devastation or deliverance?

What do the iPod, Model T Ford, frozen meat and the telephone have in common? They’re all disruptors – innovations that had a profound effect on their unsuspecting markets.

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Innovation lessons

Richard Branson and Steve Jobs have different but complementary lessons about innovation.

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Innovation shapers

The 2012 Top 100 Global Innovators Report from Thomson Reuters shows five interesting trends shaping successful innovation across the world.

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Innovative ways to dye

A revolutionary textile dyeing process technology, developed by AgResearch, has been licensed to American company Global Merino.

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New Zealand Disruptor

Back in 2006, a small New Zealand software developer called Xero reviewed its market, and realised it had an opportunity to change the game for small business accounting software on a global basis

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R&D spend showing upward trend

... but New Zealand is still lagging behind its OECD peers according to the 2013 IBM Innovation Index.

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Sensing the cracks

American technology incubator Qi2 is using expertise at Callaghan Innovation to develop a fast, effective and highly sensitive screening tool.

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Three patenting pitfalls

With any business venture it is important to identify and protect your valuable IP and ensure that new ideas and innovations are secure from copycats and idea-hijackers.

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