Accelerate July 2015

Getting to market faster

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Over the last couple of months Callaghan Innovation has attracted some of the world’s foremost experts to New Zealand to provide local businesses with access to the latest in approaches to innovation.

We were fortunate to book international innovation strategist Larry Keeley to do several workshops across New Zealand. The feedback we received from businesses was that Larry’s insights into the different types of innovation and his thoughts on how to develop methods to create processes that will create breakthroughs was invaluable. Larry stressed that successful innovation is not about creativity and genius; it is about discipline, ambition and clear thinking. It is the ability to see that innovation is about not only a new product, but also a better business model and finding different ways to change user experience.

It isn’t just local businesses who are learning how to think differently about innovation processes and find ways to become better at what they do. We are also on a journey to find the best way to help Kiwi companies to become successful tech-driven entrepreneurs.  

Collectively, we have worked with hundreds of companies, from small to large, from start-ups to heavy hitters, over the last two years. Working with these businesses has given us the experience and insight to identify five areas where we know we can have the greatest impact and speed up their successful paths to market. As Campbell Brown, co-founder and director of PredictHQ says, “ of the benefits of working with Callaghan Innovation is that it isn’t their first rodeo”.

Our innovation services for business are:

Our new website reflects this structure and gives businesses a clearer picture of how they can partner with us to make their ideas happen.

This edition of Accelerate also focuses on these five service areas with case studies of how businesses have used our services.

Manuka Health New Zealand, PredictHQ, drikolor, Movio and Kiwa Digital are all successful New Zealand companies that have used our services or a combination thereof to fast track their path to market.

While it is imperative for us to deliver valuable innovation services to businesses, we are also on a mission to increase New Zealand’s innovation capability and inspire Kiwi companies to become innovation-driven.

Our workshops with great innovation thinkers such as Tony Seba and Larry Keeley support this vision, and our facilitation of industry networks, such as the UAV Association, our international missions, and establishing collaborative agreements between different industry players can have a huge impact on our nation’s future innovation capability.

We have always said that we want to help New Zealand businesses succeed through technology. If businesses succeed, then we succeed. Our updated service structure is not a new direction; our strategy has not changed. It is just a clearer roadmap to help businesses get to their innovation destination faster.

Dr Mary Quin, CEO

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Updated: 1 March 2022