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Accelerate - July 2015

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Getting to market faster

Getting to market faster

Callaghan Innovation helps New Zealand businesses succeed through technology. That is quite a broad sweeping statement, so what does it mean in tangible, real world terms?

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Movio pioneering movie marketing

Movio - movie pioneers

Research and development, analysis and testing are all costly activities that can eat into your cash flow and profit margins, but without them there is only a very slim chance of market success.

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Kiwa digital tablets

From concept to reality

Taking an idea from concept to commercial reality means navigating some tricky steps.

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Drikolor pouring into paint


Rachel Lacy grew up in a world of paint and colour as her mother was the founder of the paint store chain, Aalto Colour.

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Smart connections

Finding the right expertise for your business need can be tricky at times and the value lies in the ability to make the right connections and linkages that lead to business success.

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Manuka Honey production

The sweet taste of innovation

The Manuka honey industry has shown remarkable growth in recent years as its anti-bacterial qualities attracted the interest of the global nutraceutical market and health conscious consumers

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Updated:28 October 2016

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