Our culture

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Our behaviours reflect the culture we’re developing as we journey towards our vision to make Aotearoa a place where talent wants to live. 

In 2020, after six months of kōrero, consultation and feedback from our internal community we defined four core behaviours that are at the heart of our work together.

  • Karawhiu - We have the courage to give things a go
  • Whakatauira - We lead by example, and trust others to do the same
  • Pūmanawa - We use and share our knowledge to create better outcomes for all
  • Tautoko - We support others to be successful in their roles and lives

These behaviours undergird our culture - how we show up and treat each other - and help us navigate towards making our vision a reality as we collectively live and breathe them

As Aotearoa’s Innovation Agency, it’s our job to be at the forefront of change, anticipating and responding to cultural and social shifts just as we lead and support scientific and technological advancements. We believe innovative practice is at its best designing solutions for the complex world we inhabit.

To this end we’re committed to supporting the resilience and sustainability of Aotearoa New Zealand for generations to come; to tangata whenua; to serving our diverse citizens; and prioritising diversity of voice and experience in the design and delivery of everything we do.

We have a justice-oriented approach to our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging mahi and recognise we’re on a learning journey together as we evolve our systems, structures, policies, and processes. Through our Kia Toipoto mahi, we’re committed to transparent reporting on our gender and ethnicity pay and representation gaps*, and to their elimination via a strategic programme of work over the next few years. 

As of Nov 30th 2022, these are:

  • Gender pay gap is 7.96%
  • Māori + Pacific pay gap is 25.9%
  • Asian Pay Gap is 18.2%
  • Leadership cohort is 65% male
  • Leadership cohort is 82.5% Pākehā

For governmental consistency within reporting, we use Statistics NZ ethnicity groups, and for statistical accuracy we can’t calculate for groups of less than 20. Due to low numbers within the organisation, we’ve aggregated Māori + Pacific employees, and we’re unable to calculate for Middle Eastern, Latin American + African employees. (It should be noted the Māori pay gap at CI is smaller than the Pacific pay gap.)

We know we have work to do. Through our DEIB and Kia Toipoto mahi we’re committed to change, supporting the continued development of an equitable, inclusive culture where all employees and customers feel welcome and valued.

*‘Pay gaps’ are the difference in earnings between two groups and are calculated by comparing median salaries. ‘Representation gaps’ are the difference in numbers between dominant and minority groups in an organisation, team or cohort.

Updated: 7 March 2023