Callaghan Innovation is located in Auckland, Christchurch, and Lower Hutt. Our Gracefield Innovation Quarter (GIQ) in Lower Hutt contributes to 94% of our carbon footprint. The site is approximately 10 hectares and has over 19 Buildings: workshops, labs, and offices.

Our largest emission source is natural gas. We have 14 Natural Gas boilers on site which provide space heating and steam production.

Working with our whanau, customers and business partners, we are identifying and looking for innovative ways to reduce our emissions, test, and implement initiatives on our sites. One of the innovative decarbonisation initiatives at GIQ is the Hydrogen Demonstration Project.

The Hydrogen Demonstration Project

For this project, we’re studying the practicalities of reducing the carbon content in natural gas with minimal disruption to our existing infrastructure. To do so, we’ll be safely burning hydrogen in a live environment. The insights we gain will inform further exploration of hydrogen’s potential as a low-carbon fuel for Aotearoa New Zealand, especially with regard to understanding the steps necessary for transitioning to a hydrogen blend. 

To support this transition to a low-emission future, we're pleased to be collaborating with leading businesses and forming a cross-functional team to share knowledge and learn from each other.



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