Our Whakatauākī

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Our Whakatauākī enriches our identity. It describes Sir Paul’s vision, our mission, and the values we look for in the businesses we work with.

Rukuhia te wāhi ngaro,
hei maunga tātai whetū.

Explore the unknown,
Pursue excellence.

Our Whakatauākī is our guiding proverb. It captures Sir Paul's legacy and our commitment to the Maori Economy.

‘Rukuhia’ describes the brave steps we take before diving into ‘te wāhi ngaro’, the unknown – steps that cannot be undone once taken. It also refers to Sir Paul’s birthplace and links to the Whanganui River, and his lesson for us to not fear knowledge.

‘hei maunga tātai whetū’ reflects Sir Paul’s pursuit of excellence and his dedication to making things better. It refers to his encouragement of businesses to be the best they can be, to embed innovation in their thinking, and to make New Zealand a better place to live.

Our Whakatauākī represents the qualities and strengths we look for in our business partners. We only commit to the very best, with the drive to create new and smarter ways of doing things. 

Our Whakatauaki

Updated: 21 August 2020