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Key documents

A selection of key Callaghan Innovation documents:

Corporate documents

Briefing to the Incoming Minister - October 2014 (PDF 63 KB)

Callaghan Innovation Annual Report 2014 (PDF 1.8MB)

Statement of Intent. 1 July 2014 – 30  June 2018 (PDF 257 KB)

Statement of Performance Expectations. For the year ending  30 June 2015 (PDF 263KB)

Business Case 2013/14–2015/16 (PDF 776KB)

Callaghan Innovation Annual Report 2013 (PDF 798KB)

Callaghan Innovation Statement of Intent to 30 June 2016 (PDF 421KB)

Business Case 01 Feb to 30 June 2013 (PDF 1.46MB)

Statement of Intent 1 Feb - 30 June 2013 (17 May 2013) (PDF 240KB)


Disclosure of the Callaghan Innovation Chief Executive's expenses

Callaghan Innovation Chief Executive's expenses 1 January - 30 June 2014 (Excel 38KB)

Callaghan Innovation Chief Executive's expenses 1 July - 31 December 2013 (Excel 28KB)

Callaghan Innovation Chief Executive's expenses 3 May - 30 June 2013 (Excel 24KB)

Callaghan Innovation Chief Executives's expenses 1 February - 2 May 2013 (Excel 22KB)

For disclosure of other state sector Chief Executives' expenses, visit


Business R&D grants - policies, procedures, guidelines and criteria

Criteria for Assessing Proposals for Funding - November 2013 (PDF)

Criteria for Assessing Proposals for Funding - July 2013 (PDF)

Allocating and Administering Funding – Systems and Procedures (PDF)


Background documents 

Powering Innovation (PDF 325KB)

Cabinet paper (PDF 763KB)

Industrial Research Ltd – a Business stock take (PDF 8MB)

HVMS Sector Profile (PDF 2.15MB)

Demand Survey Report (PDF 2.5MB)

Supply side report (PDF 3.7KB)

International briefing 1 (PDF 1.9MB)

International briefing 2 (PDF 3.4MB)

International briefing 3 (PDF 3.5MB)

Naming speech (PDF 60KB) 

Cabinet paper - Callaghan Innovation: Implementation Decisions (PDF 562KB)

Direction to Callaghan Innovation-Co-funding Guidelines

Economic Benefits to New Zealand from Beyond-Line-of-Sight Operation of UAVs (PDF 2.3 MB)


PDF documents

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