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Title6-Hydroxyluteolin-7-O-β-D-[2-O-β-D-xylosylxyloside]: A novel flavone xyloxyloside from Hebe stenophylla
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1999
AuthorsMitchell, K.A., Markham K.R., and Bayly M.J.
Pagination1165 - 1167
Date Published1999
ISSN00319422 (ISSN)
Keywordsarticle, Chemical analysis, chemical structure, chemotaxonomy, Extraction, flavone derivative, flavonoid, flavonol derivative, glucoside, glycoside, Hebe stenophylla, luteolin, nonhuman, nuclear magnetic resonance
AbstractIn the course of a chemotaxonomic study of New Zealand Hebe species, a novel flavone xylosylxyloside, 6-hydroxyluteolin-7-O-β-D-[2-O-β-D- xylosylxyloside] has been isolated and characterized from Hebe stenophylla. This compound and the accompanying 6-hydroxyluteolin-7-O-β-D-[2-O-β-D- xylosylglucoside] are the major and characteristic flavonoid components of H. stenophylla. Structure identification is based primarily on 1H-, 13C- and 2D-NMR evidence. This is the first recorded isolation of a flavone or flavonol glycoside containing a dixylosyl moiety.

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