Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant

Is the Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant right for me?

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If you answer "Yes" to the following questions, the Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant could be right for you!

Note that these questions provide general guidance only, and if you decide you're interested in this grant, you should refer to the information on the main page for detailed eligibility criteria:

  1. Do you want to help transform Aotearoa New Zealand's innovation ecosystem, by taking to market an innovation that can inspire and assist others to pursue innovative ideas, and seize new opportunities, of their own?

    Great! The Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant is about supporting innovation that can deliver benefits beyond your business and customers, to the wider innovation ecosystem. For example, by:

    • creating a new market or product niche that other innovators can tap into, e.g by launching new products of their own
    • sharing knowledge that others can apply to solve other problems and create their own new solutions, in the same sector as you or beyond
    • introducing new physical or digital infrastructure, facilities or equipment that others can use to develop their own innovations
  2. Do you aspire to be, or are you already known as, a business that operates at the global innovation frontier?

    Fantastic. We want to support world-leading innovation. This can include, for example, an innovation that's the first of its kind to ever exist, or that meets or embodies what's considered to be the global standard in its field. It can also include bringing into Aotearoa New Zealand an existing, world-leading innovation (including infrastructure) that has potential benefits for our innovation ecosystem.

  3. Does your innovation consist of a product, process, service or business model, or a combination of these?

    Excellent! The Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant can support a wide range of innovations, including a new product, process, service or business model, or a combination of these.

  4. Are you taking your innovation to market for the first time?

    Good. The Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant helps support the development of innovation that is not yet in the market.

  5. Does your innovation have commercial potential?

    Great. We want to support innovation that can succeed in the market, where it can help drive the benefits to the innovation ecosystem we're aiming to encourage.

  6. Do you need financial support towards activities (excluding R&D) involved in taking your innovation to the market?

    Perfect. If you innovation is truly compelling, we may be able to give you up to $4 million* to help take it to market.

    You will need to help fund the costs of doing this too, as our support is provided on a co-funded basis. However, we'll give you time (up to 6 months) to arrange your share, and it doesn't all need to be cash in the bank - it can include contractual agreements to provide payments over the period of the innovation project.

    *If you're not quite ready to apply for this funding, we may be able to give you financial support, to help you get better prepared to apply.


Interested? Return to the Ārohia Innovation Trailblazer Grant page to find out more.

Updated: 22 May 2023