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Our biotechnologies experts can help your business to transform biological resources, such as meat, dairy, plant and seafood products, into high-value products that include nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, food ingredients and natural agrochemicals.

Our experts can also deliver you a competitive advantage in pharmaceutical drug discovery and development.

We’ll help your business get the best results with our expertise in the following areas:

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Lipid chemistry

Extraction, purification, synthesis, modification, enrichment and advanced analysis of lipids (including complex lipids, e.g. phospholipids and glycolipids).

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Natural products and plant chemistry

Extraction, purification and analysis of bioactives such as anti-inflammatories, flavonoids, pigments, food ingredients/fortifiers and antioxidants.

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Carbohydrate and pharmaceutical chemistry

  • Multi-step chemical synthesis and complex problem solving. Development and manufacturing services involving active pharmaceutical ingredients (API’s) ranging from conventional small molecules to dendrimers and complex carbohydrates.
  • Our services cover the spectrum from discovery through to prototype scale-up and kilogram-scale GMP manufacture to support clinical studies.

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Analytical services

  • Access to a range of instrumentation including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectrometers, mass spectrometers (MS), high performance liquid chromatographs (HPLC), Zetasizer (for product formulation), UV-vis spectrometers and moisture content analyser.
  • Our services include assay development, particle size and rheological property measurement, protein purification and characterisation (AKTA systems), molecular weight determination (SEC), florescence analysis and time resolved fluorescence for bioassays and enzyme assay work.

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Process development and pilot-scale manufacture

  • Development and/or evaluation of industrial manufacturing processes for natural products. Process modelling, optimisation, and scale up.
  • Evaluation of unit operations including milling, solvent and supercritical fluid extraction and fractionation, solvent removal/evaporation, filtration, freeze drying, formulation, preparative chromatography, centrifugation, chemical and enzymatic reaction.
  • Pilot to small scale manufacture of trial product, including rated facilities for use of ethanol and other flammable solvents. MPI approved manufacture of selected products.

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Supercritical fluid extraction

World class facilities for evaluation of supercritical fluid processing from lab to pilot scale. Includes use of supercritical CO2, CO2 with co-solvents, and novel liquefied gas solvents (propane and dimethyl ether). This technology is ideal for extraction and/or fractionation of high quality lipid and other low polarity products from natural materials.

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Fermentation and bioprocessing

  • A range of MPI-registered facility with labs and pilot-scale fermentation from 1L to 1000L.
  • Small molecule and secondary metabolite production, pilot plant micro and ultrafiltration, and continuous centrifuge.
  • EPA approvals for large scale (1000L) new organisms and bacterial/yeast recombinants at PC2 level.

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Proteins and bioactive peptides

  • Isolation and characterisation for structure and function determination.
  • Extraction and preparation of biopolymers from various natural resources including plant, animal, marine and honey.

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Enzyme technology

  • Optimisation of enzymes for industrial applications including biotransformation and chemo-enzymatic synthesis.
  • Full suite of recombinant technologies for the enzyme engineering, including molecular cloning, expression, purification and characterisation of proteins, enzymes and biomolecules.
  • Expression in bacterial, yeast, and mammalian hosts.
  • Scale-up facilities to deliver microbial recombinant expression to 1000L.

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GlycoSyn logo

GlycoSyn is the discovery, development and GMP manufacturing arm of Callaghan Innovation with specialist expertise in:

  • Milligrams to kilograms
  • Bench to GMP
  • Carbohydrates and complex multi-step synthesis:
    • Medicinal chemistry
    • Custom chemical synthesis
    • Route optimisation
    • Process Development
    • Analytical method development
    • Pilot-scale manufacture
    • cGMP manufacture
    • Stability studies
  • Regulatory assistance.


Updated: 17 March 2017