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Develop a structured approach to managing your IP and be in control of your own intellectual assets.

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What is it?

Innovation IP® is a programme that gives innovative and ambitious New Zealand businesses the knowledge, capability and confidence to leverage their intellectual property (IP) and intellectual assets to enable growth and reduce risk.

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How can it help my business?

Innovation IP can help you maximise value from your business IP by delivering the following outcomes:

  • Knowledge: Give you a practical understanding of what Intellectual Property (IP) means.
  • Information: Help your business to understand the competitive IP landscape it operates in.
  • Understanding: Improve your understanding of “freedom to operate” and how to manage IP risk.
  • Strategy: Help you draft your own IP strategy that supports and adds value to your overall business strategy.
  • Capability: Give you the confidence to engage and work with IP specialists in a cost-effective manner.

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Who is it for?

New Zealand-based businesses that want to:

  • Innovate and generate new, valuable IP or intellectual assets
  • Maximise the value of intellectual assets they already control
  • Invest in hi-tech R&D and innovation
  • Implement a business plan based on stimulating export lead growth

Participation by a supportive and engaged senior leadership team is a prerequisite.

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How does it work?

The Innovation IP programme is delivered by a specialist programme provider selected by your business. The programme is delivered in two stages and Callaghan Innovation has approved a selection of providers for each stage.

During the first stage, you will learn about IP and your business and create a business specific IP strategy.

The second stage provides co-funding to assist you to implement your IP strategy.

You can find out more about this programme by reading our Innovation IP brochures below:

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How much does it cost?

Costs vary between Service Providers. Please read the Innovation IP Service Provider directory above to view the costs associated with each Service Provider.

Co-funding of 40% of eligible Stage One and Stage Two costs up to a maximum of $10,000 ex GST is available for qualifying businesses.

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How do I get my business involved?

Get in touch with Callaghan Innovation (0800 4 CALLAGHAN or 0800 422 552) or talk to your Regional Business Partner about how Innovation IP can help your business.

The programme had a positive effect on business outcomes, including a couple of tangible long term ones. Really worth doing, particularly enjoyed the free ranging and flexible structure.

David Lutterman, CEO - One Room Limited

Updated: 1 March 2017