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Innovation IP

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Develop a structured approach to managing your IP and be in control of your own intellectual assets.

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What is it?

Innovation IP is a programme designed to give you the understanding, skills and confidence to manage and protect your own intellectual property (IP) and assets to reduce risk and enable growth.

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How can it help my business?

Innovation IP will help you maximise value from your business IP by teaching you how to:

  • Collect new information about your business so you understand the competitive IP landscape in which it is operating
  • Develop and integrate your IP strategy with your business and R&D strategies, and planning processes
  • Manage IP risk to improve your competitiveness - domestically and internationally
  • Improve your understanding of ‘freedom to operate’ and managing risks associated with potential infringement of another party’s IP rights
  • Confidently and cost effectively engage IP specialists

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Who is it for?

New Zealand-based businesses that are:

  • Generating new, valuable IP or intellectual assets
  • Intending to maximise the value of intellectual assets they already control
  • Committed to R&D and innovation
  • Implementing a business plan based on stimulating growth and export aspirations
  • Led by a supportive and engaged senior leadership team.

Great course, nice balance of theory and takeaways we can use in our business right now. Well worth the time and effort to attend even when we are in a busy phase.

Andrea Miller, CEO - Breathe Easy

Updated: 19 January 2017