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Benchmark your innovation management and performance against international competitors.

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What is it?

IMProve is a no-stone-unturned, multi-dimensional evaluation of your business. It’s designed to measure your innovation management and performance against other businesses to help you stretch your capability further and out-perform your competitors.

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How can it help my business?

IMProve will provide you with:

  • A quantitative comparison of your innovation processes, culture and business outcomes against international competitors
  • An understanding of crucial innovation management issues and establishes a data point from where progress can be measured
  • An understanding of what you’re not doing that your highest growth competitors are, to help you define a growth-supporting innovation action plan for your business
  • The foundation for developing an innovation action plan for your business.

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How does it work?

The IMProve process involves:

1. You gather some well-defined quantitative data and provide it to us for benchmarking analysis. This usually takes 1-3 days.

2. Your business is allocated performance scores based on assessment in five areas:

Innovation strategy
Innovation organisation and culture
Innovation life cycle processes
Enabling factors
Innovation results

3. Your scores are compared with other businesses using the largest benchmarking database on innovation management. It includes over 4,000 companies that can be filtered into comparative data such as sector, size, age, country and revenue.

4. An assisted session is held with you at your premises to complete the on-line questionnaire. This usually takes 2-3 hours.

5. The IMProve report is analysed to identify steps to help your innovation growth. This takes us 1 week.

6. A review session is held with you to help you develop your innovation action plan. This usually takes 2-3 hours.

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Who is it for?

Business owners, innovators, leaders and senior managers.

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How much does it cost?

The IMProve assessment is priced at $4,999. This covers a four hour preparation session, the assessment and the in-depth analysis of the results.

Subsidised assessments (up to 100%) are available for qualifying businesses.

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How do I get my business involved?

Phone 0800 4 CALLAGHAN (0800 422 552) to talk to us about how IMProve can help your business.

Updated: 28 November 2016