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High Performance Work Initiative

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A high performance coaching programme that helps New Zealand businesses get ‘innovation ready’.

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What is it?

The High Performance Work Initiative (HPWI) is a coaching programme that helps New Zealand businesses get ‘innovation ready’. It focuses on improving work practices, building an innovation culture, and increasing employee engagement.

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How can it help my business?

HPWI business improvement consultants will work with you to grow your productivity, profitability and competitiveness. With their help, you will:

  • identify and implement best practice business principles
  • build capability through innovation at the strategic level
  • grow and improve overall performance
  • assess and define your business readiness to innovate
  • identify areas where innovation can occur and be accelerated
  • create environments in which business innovation can occur and thrive by focusing on governance, leadership and organizational culture
  • join and actively participate in the HPWI alumni network through appropriate networking platforms, and
  • effectively network with other New Zealand enterprises.

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How does it work?

HPWI business coaching is provided in partnership with specialist consultants to help you develop high performance processes for your business.

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Who is it for?

Business owners, innovators, leaders and senior managers.

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How much does it cost?

Co-funding for eligible costs (40% up to a maximum of $20,000 excluding GST) is available for qualifying businesses.

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How do I get my business involved?

Phone 0800 4 CALLAGHAN (0800 422 552) or email us to talk about how the High Performance Working Initiative can help your business.

I learnt a huge amount, gaining confidence in discovering all the things I was doing well, and also understanding the areas I needed to work on.

Archgola Owner, Andrew Turner

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Updated: 14 December 2016